Chronicles of Eternity

Story synopsis

Johnny had fallen ill traveling with a caravan bound for Gilded Vale. The Caravan master, Odema, sent your party off with one of his guides, Calisa, in search of a remedy. While out searching for this remedy, you were ambushed, and returned to your camp to find it slaughtered at the hands of angry locals. Your party dealt with them only to be nearly killed by a wind that threatened to tear the soul from your body. You escaped with Calisa into an ancient ruin.

Your party emerged from the ruin to find a strange ritual being preformed at some kind of ancient machine. There was a man there who commanded others, and there was something oddly familiar about him.

As he left, the machine began to spin, generating some kind of energy, and there was a blast that felt like the windstorm you encountered earlier. It turned the others who were with him to ash, and killed Calisa as well. Your party were knocked unconcious by the blast, and when you came to, you felt odd.


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